Dpf Cleaning


Blocked DPF ?

Loss of power?

DPF Warning light on?

Your vehicle is in limp mode?

Frequent attempts at DPF regeneration?

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Our Process

The process will begin with a full in Depth diagnostic analysis and general examination of the vehicle, the diagnostic checks will reveal any problem that is causing the DPF not to operate correctly and the general inspection will give us an idea of the vehicle history. Once we have concluded our checks and replaced any component if required, we will then complete our stage 3 DPF clean, Then the final part is to complete a road test with logging the DPF data to verify everything is working as it should.

Stage One

stage1 180x180

A full in-depth diagnostics will be our first port of call, In the diagnostic session we will be monitoring that key components and sensors are operating correctly, In those checks, we may identify essential components that have failed and will need to be replaced before our DPF cleaning process can be done, this will ensure a successful clean. We stock multiple  DPF sensors, pipe’s etc so that we can soon have you back on the road in the event that your DPF problem is actually a component failure.


Stage Two

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Using our unique cleaning system, We will inject into the pre DPF pressure line the first part of the cleaning solution and allow to  soak for a period of time. The engine will then be ran at a fast idle allowing the soak fluid to clean the DPF Filter. This is then followed by a further two  cleaning solutions and fast idle allowing the cleaning solution to remove carbon/soot from the DPF filter.



stage3 180x180

Live data is then monitored on a road test or DPF regeneration. In these final tests, we will log essential parameters and components are functioning correctly. We will additionally compare pre and post DPF pressure reading and pass this information on to you for your peace of mind. Ultimately, our stage three DPF cleaning process is now concluded.