While not appropriate for road usage, if the vehicle is intended solely for usage away from public roads, then this service could be for you. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a part of the exhaust system on all modern diesel engines.

It intends to prevent the release of dangerous particulates into the air. However, while good in theory, it often becomes clogged with soot and dirt, and can cause major engine problems and is expensive to fix. This is especially true in vehicles that only travel short distances at a time, or never reach high engine temperatures, as these are normally used by the vehicle to help clean the DPF. This would include airport or port vehicles, as these vehicles never reach higher speeds and are not used on public roads. DPF removal could prevent massive maintenance costs in the long term, if done appropriately.

Disclaimer: We will not take responsibility for any fines accrued if a driver continues to use their vehicle on public roads after choosing to have the DPF removed.