Dpf Solutions

Are You Experiencing Problems With Your DPF Getting Blocked Up?

Do You Want To Get Your Vehicle’s DPF Removed Once And For All?

Are You Finding DPF Replacement Or Repair Bills Too Costly?

dpf solutions.

Modern turbo diesels have a diesel particulate filter (DPF) present as part of the Euro Emissions Standards. The issue with that is  driving on short journeys and around towns and not a motorway will eventually cause your vehicle’s DPF to block with soot.

When this amount of soot reaches a certain level, the DPF is forced to go into its regenerate cycle. However, there’s only so many times that the car’s DPF can regenerate before the compacted soot reaches a critical level. At this point, DPF replacement, or at least removal, becomes necessary. Luckily, it’s not a legal required for the DPF to function.    


We at RRR Remapping offer DPF removal services which are second to none. We are highly skilled and experienced in fixing all DPF related problems and faults.

We can easily remove your DPF filter and program it out of your car’s ECU. What’s more is, our DPF delete software guarantees that you never have to face DPF related issues again. We turn off your car’s DPF from the Engine Control Unit, so that it is unable to regenerate again. We remove the DPF but make sure that all the sensors are still in place and functioning just like before.

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