DSG Remap

How / Why

A direct-shift gearbox (DSG) is found in a lot of modern automatic vehicles. It is arguably one of the finest gearboxes available and is a masterpiece of engineering, capable of changing gear in a fraction of a second and predict a driver's next move. Nevertheless, they can be limiting as they are manufactured to satisfy the requirements of the general user.

Our custom DSG transmission upgrades require a simple software update to your ECU and will upgrade your gearbox shift speed, presenting you with a smoother, more responsive drive.

Increased shift response
The shift response times can be improved by up to 20%, and paddle-reaction-time by up to 40%. This will give a smoother gear shift, decreases clutch-slip at full acceleration, plus helps guard your vehicle against clutch damage or failure.

Torque limiter adjustment
By tuning the DSG control unit, we can deliver the true torque value of your engine, whilst additionally assuring the reliable performance of all mechanical components in the DSG transmission.

RPM limiter adjustments
Your DSG controls the RPM of your engine. By increasing those shift points, the driver is given further authority over the engine’s power, particularly in higher RPM ranges.


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