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It’s where the software contained on your vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) for controlling your engine’s settings, and consequently, its performance and economy properties are altered by replacing the factory-loaded ‘engine settings instructions’ with new software.

The new programming for controlling your vehicle’s engine settings will likely increase power and drivability, such as increased throttle response, increased turbo performance (where fitted) and possibly enhanced economy.

The engine settings installed on the ECU by the manufacturer are produced to suit multiple conditions and circumstances. With the same model being sold perhaps around the world, it must cope with many conditions such as severe temperatures, using fuel of variable quality also being driven by people with many different driving styles.

Our remapping makes your vehicle suitable for you and your preferences. It’s like purchasing a tailor-made suit as opposed to purchasing one ‘off the peg’.

Not very in the right hands. We don’t replace components in your engine or dismantle anything; we connect your ECU to our equipment and analyse the software already there. Next, software written uniquely for you is loaded onto the ECU.

It’s a non-invasive process that takes in the area of two hours typically although this does depend on engine type, also the manufacturer.

Possibly; as you can notice elsewhere on our website under ‘Services’ we offer an ‘Economy’ remapping option.
If driven conservatively as you would at stock with the increase in torque you will see better fuel consumption, it’s hard to give you an exact figure as so many varying factors come into play with MPG, wheels tyres,road surface, altitude, weather, gearbox, differentials, weight and the list goes on. However saying this we have had customers report between 5-7 mpg better than stock. Due to the engine not having to work as hard to achieve the same speed. 

Unquestionably! In fact, many of our customers drive mainstream vehicles and cars such as compact hatchbacks, mid range saloons, family cars and light vans. You’ll likely notice an increase in overall drivability and responsiveness with a RRR remap.

We only ever work within the parameters possible for your particular vehicle, and most of the time remapping is intended to improve overall drivability, not simply outright power.

Yes. We make a backup of the ‘factory’ software on your ECU and retain it in case you require your vehicle restored to its original state.

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